This app will let you turn your phone’s punch-hole cutout into a shortcut key

There are fewer options available on Android regarding customizable shortcut keys. Whether it’s a specified hardware key or a double tap available on the back of your device, The latest app is also offering you the chance to turn your notch or punch-hole cutout into a shortcut key.

Touch the Notch is a free Android app that will let you design specified shortcuts and functions interconnected with your device’s selfie camera. The use of the app is quite easier too. By proving the permissions for the app (haptic feedback and accessibility services), along with map shortcuts. You can set shortcuts for single touch, long touch, double tap, left-to-right swipe, and right-to-left swipe.

You may assign a variety of activities to these gestures, including the torch, screenshot functionality, power menu, camera, recent applications, auto rotate, Do Not Disturb, and media controls. You may even run a specific app, access a website, or initiate a Tasker job.

Touch In our little time with it, the Notch appears to be quite polished (apart from some wrong typos), properly recognizing gestures, and promptly opening functions and apps. We’re not sure if the app is smart enough to not trigger itself accidentally (for example, when in pockets), and you may need to wash down the notch more frequently owing to the associated fingerprint grease. However, we are pleased to see such a creative application that provides a simpler way for notch/cutouts.

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