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TikTok Exceeded Other Social Media Apps in Downloads


Recently, it was learnt that TikTok has exceeded all the other major social media apps in downloads during the span of last month.

TikTok is a social platform for making short videos that permit users to make and share videos powered by music. The platform also provides the option of live broadcasting. It is a platform for entertainment used by many people. Most of the users spend their free time creating videos on this app. One big reason why this app has become the fastest growing platform in just the span of a few months.

Some months back, the firm merged Musical.ly with its short video app TikTok. After the merger, this video platform grew at a higher pace.

For the very first time, it has even beaten Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube in downloads last month.

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When the Facebook-owned—Instagram reached one billion monthly users, TikTok had an active user count of five hundred million throughout the one hundred and fifty countries and regions. Owing to the increased ad spend on Facebook, YouTube and other applications it has attracted attention. Additionally, another reason for attracting attention is the merger of Musical.ly and TikTok.

The short video platform is expanding at a rapid pace and is one of the most attention-seeking apps of the present times. Many people around the globe make and share their videos using this app. Some are even doing makeup tutorials, skin care routines while a lot of others are just busy showing their talents by lip syncing.

By seeing the amount of attention, the app has already received it is expected that the short video making platform would be giving a hard time to other social apps.

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