TikTok is going to end the creator fund

Several platforms on the internet make it possible for users to earn a living. One of them is TikTok. The creator fund is partially responsible for the fact that many people can support themselves using the app. According to some recent pieces of information, the creator fund is soon going away.

What is a creator fund?

It is an old approach for users to monetize their video content. In 2020, the company used to pay users whose content went viral on the app. TikTok had a big $1 billion pool that it awarded to its members. Other sites, like YouTube, did something similar to stay up with the competition.

The TikTok creator fund is going away

In the past three years, several changes have been made to the Creator Fund. But it is now the end of the game. The company shared that the program will officially end on December 16th. So, there is roughly a month left to benefit from the $1 billion creator fund. Well, it might not be that sad for most of the users since the company was accused of low payouts. A viral video with a million views on TikTok perhaps only managed to make less than a dollar. This amount is quite less compared to what YouTube (several thousand dollars) pays for videos above 1 million views.

Besides this, the company introduced a new program named the Creativity Program in February. It is a different type of monetization program. Users are required to make one-minute, lengthy videos to be eligible for the monetization program. In addition to this, some other requirements must be met including 18 years of age, 10,000 followers, residents of the US, and 100,000 views in the last 30 days. The Creator Fund will be replaced by this scheme. Go ahead and produce some content even if you’re not quite qualified (just be sure to do it carefully).

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