Tiny11 Core Now Takes Only 3G Of Memory To Install On Systems

windows 11

An unofficial minimal edition of Windows 11 has been available since the beginning of the year. Now the developer behind the project has upped the ante and released a slimmed down version. Tiny11 Core can be installed on systems with three gigabytes of memory.

The new minimal edition was developed by NTDev and can be installed using an ISO image of just two gigabytes. Installation requires just over three gigabytes of hard drive space. In order to slim down the operating system, many features were removed from the original package.

The image is delivered with adjustments related to the Windows Component Store, Windows Defender, Microsoft Edge, and Windows Update. The antivirus tool, browser, and update function cannot be used. The network drivers are also missing.

Tiny11 Core is not intended to replace previous Tiny11 editions. Instead, the image gives users the opportunity to quickly set up a test environment for apps or drivers. The advantage is that only a small file needs to be downloaded. A full installation of the Redmond operating system requires a much larger download.

Not an official project

It is not recommended to use Tiny11 Core in conjunction with sensitive data. After all, the image was not officially provided by Microsoft. There is therefore no guarantee that no security-related modifications have been made to the operating system. However, installing it in a virtual machine can make sense. In any case, a valid license key is required. Tiny11 Core can be downloaded from archive.org

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