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Top 20 Android Games of 2018

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A creative time pass on mobile phones is playing games. There are a few games on Android that actually are mental exercises. Playing them allow you to think, solve a puzzle, make an effort to survive. Here is the list of Top 20 Android Games of 2018. 

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PUBG Mobile

In this Android game, the user is brought to an island with the 99 other players and from there starts the survival game. The user has to parachute in, loot buildings and try best to survive.

Plague Inc.

An interesting game in which the user has to control an epidemic and spread all over the world. Kill all before a cure can be developed. There are different tools available through which the virus is spread and symptoms are added like animal brone, body fluids etc. These make the virus stronger and allow you to gain points.

The Battle of Polytopia

Quite similar to Civilization, The Battle of Polytopia is an Android game that takes different strengths and weaknesses from different races and then tries to take over the world through the advancement of technology. New units are unlocked, opponents are made to surrender and the game goes on. A few races are given as an option from which you can choose or add more through in-app purchases.

80 days

Based on “Around the World in Eighty Days” by Jules Verne the game offers amazing storytelling and breathtaking aesthetics. Your role in the game is of the valet called Passepartout and you have to travel from city to city.


A science experiment has gone badly wrong. Xenowork is basically a shooter that will allow you to kill the mutants after the experiment went wrong. For you to make your ways to the exit you have to pass different levels of the science facility, shoot, and survive.

Hero Academy 2

In this Android game, the user has to choose an army and go to the battle with friends. The game offers amazing animations, challenges, and graphics that make it an interesting experience.

Lara Croft GO

Similar to Hitman Go, in this game Agent 47 is moved around to kill the targets before they see you approaching. Along with taking down the enemies you also have to move around mazes and obstacles.


In this game, the user is a space truck driver who has landed on an alien planet. Now the user has to make use of the resources to create a base and try to get off-world.

Rayman: Legends

Find the stolen eggs and help save the enhanced forest. Though the game is good for kids, the adults will find it interesting as well.

Kingdom Rush

A tower defense game, in which towers have to be built, each costing a certain amount of money. The towers have to kill the enemies before they reach the end of the path.

Iron Marines

It is similar to Kingdom Rush, but here you play with futuristic soldiers instead of knights and archers. You need to fight aliens to pass the level.


If you are a fan of card games, you will love Hearthstone. Based on World of Warcraft, there are different stages available from single-player to multi-player options.


Machinarium will take you on an adventurous ride where puzzles have to be solved as the journey continues.

Leo’s Fortune

A thief has stolen your gold and you need to get it back. You need to travel through the puzzle based levels to get back the stolen gold.

Card Thief

In this game, the user has to know how to take out the enemies, use shadows, steal the treasure and escape without getting caught.


Yet another interesting game in which there is a shape with a red block and a hole. The block has to be moved around the shape to get it in the hole which gets difficult every time.


It is a card game played by a single player. Cards are being used to unlock door cards and if the doors are fully unlocked, the game is won.

Chameleon Run

A simple game in which the user leaps different platforms making sure the color of the dude matches the color of the platform. It can get tricky at times.

ARK: Survival Evolved

In this game, you start with scratch and then different challenges are thrown over you through which you unravel the secrets of the land inhabited by dinosaurs. Your aim in this land is survival.

The Escapists

A game that reminds one of Prison Break. You are stuck in prison and you realize that with the right resources and a plan you can break out. It is a fun, challenging and an adventurous experience.

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