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Top 3 Cheapest Private Proxies For Personal and Business Uses

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Private proxies are the type of proxy servers that offer exclusivity to their users. Because of this, some people think they are expensive. Some providers would also charge more for certain features. Unlimited bandwidth, location targeting, and purpose selection are some important qualities that would often have extra costs. 

Let’s discuss some providers offering full proxy features at no additional cost, ranked  by the cheapest:


This is the cheapest private proxy provider with rates starting at $8.80 for 10 proxies. For $0.80 per proxy, you get unlimited bandwidth, your choice of location, target website, and more! 

Having used it for quite some time now, I can clearly say that, If you are looking for speed, affordability, and anonymity, I recommend starting your search with NewIPNow. 

NewIPNow also lets you buy new IP addresses with the best privacy features straight from the dashboard. They’re the most affordable service, but also offer full proxy features. You’ll be paying for the number of IPs you need without any hidden fees.

Their prices are pretty low considering that other services charge more than twice as much for fewer features. If you’re looking for cheap IPs with good privacy, then Newipnow is the solution. 


For my #2, InstantProxies’ $1 per proxy pricing. Like NewIPNow, this provider charges per IP. You get unlimited bandwidth, live support, anonymous proxies, and more! The difference is, that location requests pass through their support. 

One of InstantProxies’ unique features is that they allow users to test the proxies before purchase.  If you are satisfied, you can proceed with the order. If not, you can test a new proxy list. 

Although their proxies cost $1 each, we experienced fast connections on multiple websites. Even their general proxies worked great on social media sites like Quora and Reddit.


And for my #3 pick, last but not the least, Squidproxies. Their $2.4 per proxy pricing is a jump from NewIPNow and InstantProxies.  But, they are still a record holder for being one of the most established services that offer reliable proxies.

SquidProxies is one of the oldest proxy services. They have kept many customers happy over the years. They are quite popular with marketers in various fields and are one of the first proxy providers I’ve used.

Unlike NewIPNow and InstantProxies which offer target selection, SquidProxies guarantees that all their private proxies will work for all purposes. Locations will also have to be requested through their support. 

Proxy Features And Their Importance:

City or Country Targeting

Providers who offer this feature allow users to choose their desired proxy location. Some tasks require certain cities or countries to be completed successfully. Sneaker copping, social media management, geo-specific market research, and unblocking geo-restricted websites are some examples. This feature often involves additional costs and can go as high as $2,995/month.

Purpose Selection

Providers who allow users to choose their targets guarantee the proxies will work for their intended purpose. This helps save time and money. Some websites dislike the use of proxies or anonymizers. Google, for example, can easily detect and block low-quality proxies which can hinder business activities such as scraping.

Unlimited bandwidth

Many providers limit the bandwidth allocation for each user to preserve the speed of their network. Because of this, users may face limited activities, connections, and unexpected costs. 

Unlimited bandwidth means users will not get charged for the bandwidth they consume – no matter how big their GB consumption is.  Tasks that require automation tools, bots, or fast connections can easily exhaust a limited bandwidth.

Fast connections

Speed is an important proxy asset. It’s expected to have a decrease in internet speed when connected to a proxy. However, it should be minimal. The best private proxies can maintain low pings and fast connections.

High Anonymity

Proxies should effectively hide your IP address. Otherwise, you risk getting your real IP banned. Some tasks require the highest level of anonymity like sneaker copping. 

Sneaker websites are known to limit purchases and if you’re a sneaker reseller, this is not good for business. Checking out from different IPs is one way to get past this. 

Compatibility with tools, browsers, and bots

Most of us are using proxies with our favorite tools. It’s how we can complete a specific task. Scraping, for example, requires scrapers; and sneaker copping requires sneaker bots.

It’s also way easy to change the proxy compared to changing the tool. So make sure that you test the proxy first, that you’re not bound to a monthly contract, or that the provider has a money-back guarantee in case the proxies fail to work. 

24/7 customer support

If you’re a newbie or if you’re dealing with a complicated task, having immediate access to proxy support is definitely essential. Assisted troubleshooting or proxy replacement can help carry out tasks without significant delays.


Whether you’re using private proxies for personal or business uses,  having cost-effective and quality providers at arm’s length is always a great help. While proxies are not a one-size-fits-all service, testing these cheap providers won’t hurt your bank as they all offer a money-back guarantee.

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