Tweets are now named as ‘posts’, following the rebranding

Twitter was rebranded as X about a week ago. Twitter is constantly updating its platform in every aspect following the rebranding. With the rebranding, we have the latest logo, name, and handles. All these Tweets are also getting renamed.

Tweets will get a new name following the rebranding

What shall we consider them to be called now? Xs?

But it’s not the case. We are sure that Elon Musk hasn’t considered this option, as it’s pretty lame. However, ‘tweets’ will now be called ‘posts’. This makes much more sense, but this change isn’t visible yet as it’s currently available in the beta version of the app. Although we can hope for it to reach us soon on stable channels,

Basically, that is the most general name X could have chosen, and it also best describes tweets. Many people would argue that the name “tweets” was more popular and well-known for the brand, and that is accurate.

It was clear what they meant when they mentioned that someone tweeted. But Elon Musk made the decision to stop using everything associated with the Twitter brand, including tweets. We now have a new name.

Android users can now access the ‘X’ name

Additionally, the ‘X‘ name is now available on Android as well. We received the logo and some other changes early, but the new name took some time to become available.

The beta software will be labelled ‘X Beta’ as planned, while the regular app will be called X. But as of the time this post was being written, the app package name remained

Also unlikely to alter is that. Why?

Since X would require a completely new Play Store listing, which is unlikely to occur, who knows?

More alterations are imminent. Only the bright and dark (OLED dark) modes will be available moving forward, with the ‘Dim’ dark mode option being eliminated.

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