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Twitter makes tweets scheduling easier


You don’t have to utilize Tweetdeck or some other outsider application to schedule tweets any longer: The social media organization currently lets you plan tweets directly from its site. Twitter has been exploring different avenues regarding the component since a year ago and began giving select clients access to it toward the beginning of May. Since the component has turned out to the general population, you’ll notice a schedule symbol at the base of the tweet writer directly close to the emoticon button when you visit the site.

On the off chance that you need to post sometime in the not too distant future, essentially tap or snap that symbol rather than the Tweet button. You’ll have the option to pick a publishing date and time in the board that springs up, and you’ll likewise have the option to see a rundown of all your scheduled tweets. In a similar window, you’ll discover another segment set apart as “Drafts.” See, Twitter has likewise propelled the capacity to save drafts from inside its site on the off chance that you need to work out some tweet thoughts that need some adjusting or fact-checking first.

To save a draft, just endeavour to leave the composer by clicking X at the upper left corner to see a prompt. Observe, in any case, that drafts saved on the work area or the mobile web won’t sync with Twitter’s applications — you’ll have the option to get to them by means of work area or mobile web as it were.

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