A huge leak reveals forthcoming Sony speakers and headphones

Sony is in the news for the past few days. It was due to some fresh leaks regarding the design of the Sony Xperia 1V. however, the rumors and leaked information don’t stop here. Since we have come across some more information. But the recent information is about the forthcoming headphones and speakers that the company will launch soon.

The recent information comes from the Tweet of Kuba Wojciechowski. Although the base of the leaked information is strong. But still, we will take it with a grain of salt until or unless any official word si hared by the company. As of now, it is unknown when such products will arrive in the market. However, we can anticipate that the company might unveil them at MWC.

The leaked information indicated four different products. They are presented in different colors. Beginning with the Sony Headphones appears like an affordable pair. It is offered in two different colors. The company has named it Sony WH-CH520. It appears like the descendant of the Sony WH-CH510 introduced last year.

The images reveal that the product is rounder in shape in contrast to the one introduced last year. It seems like the recent model lacks the distinct texture presented by the previous ones. As of now, no information regarding the specs of these headphones has been shared. So, we can anticipate these to be similar or somewhat improved versions.

Besides headphones, the company is set to introduce speakers. One of them is the MagicBucket Bluetooth speaker (HT-AX7). It is presented with an odd shape. It is reported to have an oval body housing the drivers. Looking at the images indicates that they are going to deliver a big sound.

On the other hand, the Sony SRS-XV500 appears like a big speaker. The model number indicates that it is going to be a less-premium version in contrast to the SRS-XV900. Besides these two, the company is going to unveil the SRS-XB100 speakers. These are comparatively small. It appears like they will suit best for personal use. It will be offered in four different color options. These include White, Black, Orange, and Teal.