Twitter to impose limitation on DMs for unverified users

Unverified users are finding Twitter less and less useful as it switches to version X. The company has recently limited the number of tweets users may view in a day and is now restricting the number of messages they can send. Recently, the social media platform stated that “unverified accounts will have daily limits on the number of DMs they can send.” However, it did not state the maximum number of messages that non-Twitter Blue subscribers might send each day.

Twitter claims that this action will lessen the DM spam, which has been increasing significantly over the past few months. Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, has previously stated that it is becoming harder to distinguish between actual human users and AI-powered bots. It will soon be impossible, he continued. The only solution to this issue is to impose similar kinds of restrictions on free accounts. According to Musk, a payment mechanism raises the cost of a bot by 10,000 times, making spammers stop using them.

To prevent this, Twitter forbade free users from sending direct messages to users who do not follow them. On the other side, blue subscribers can message anyone. However, it did little to curb spam. Then, a new message setting was implemented, which instantly sends messages from verified users you don’t follow to the message request mailbox. According to reports, the new setting, which is activated by default for all users, reduced spam messages by 70% in a week.

Unverified Twitter app users can no longer send an infinite number of messages. The corporation did not provide a specific date but stated that this adjustment would go into effect “soon.” Once the new cap is in place, it will probably publish additional information about how many DMs an unverified user is permitted to send every day.

Twitter is attempting to increase the number of Blue subscribers

Naturally, Twitter refers to all these actions as anti-spam efforts. But secretly, it’s attempting to increase the number of blue subscribers. In fact, the most recent tweet from Twitter Support included an explicit call to action for users to “subscribe today to send more messages,” along with a link to sign up.

All of this occurs when Twitter’s revenue is falling. Due to a 50% decline in ad income, Musk just disclosed that the company has a negative cash flow (spending more than it is earning). Although subscriptions might not be sufficient to make up for that loss, Twitter will gladly accept your money in exchange for removing the DMs cap.

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