You can now stream an Android app from your phone to your Chromebook

For more than a year, people have waited for the option to stream Android apps to their Chromebooks. The wait is finally over as Engadget reports that ChromeOS app streaming has exited beta testing. There is, however, a slight catch for the time being.

Google first unveiled app streaming for ChromeOS at CES last year. You can use this capability to instantly stream an app from your Android phone to your Chromebook.

The app will be displayed on the right side of your screen when you use the feature. You don’t need to wake up your phone to use the app because you can interact with it straight on your Chromebook. Additionally, you have access to the vast majority of the app’s features using this. If necessary, you can use the app to go to other apps. For instance, if you select to open a link in Chrome while you’re in Threads, it automatically switches to Chrome so you can use it.

The actions you can take are straightforward. These are the operations that depend on the hardware of the phone. So, don’t anticipate using Snapchat or the camera app.

The cool thing about this functionality is that it doesn’t require you to first open the app on your phone. The app will launch immediately on your phone in the background when you open it on your Chromebook. Just be aware that closing the app on your phone also causes it to close on your Chromebook. The app will also shut down on the Chromebook if you make it the forefront application on your phone.

Your Chromebook can stream apps, but the options are still restricted

This is a fun feature, but as it’s still developing, there are some restrictions. There aren’t many phones available right now that have this functionality. Only Pixel 4a or later devices can currently use this function. Additionally, it is only compatible with the Xiaomi 13 Pro, 13T, 12T, and 13T.

Regarding the Chromebook, Google made no model or manufacturer mentions. It only must be running ChromeOS M115, the most recent stable version. Check to see if your Chromebook is updated.

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