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Uber’s Another Executive Quits: Self-driving Program Lead Leaves


Uber is gaining more visibility in news for the past few months but all those goes against Uber, is it not harmful for their credibility? Would people keep using Uber and make them more and more popular? These are the damaging questions for Uber because answers are all negative.

Previously Uber’s president resigned from the post in March, Gary Marcus former head of AI in Uber labs also resigned in March, frequent resignations and lack of confidence in investors could take Uber nowhere, In a recent survey conduct, 70% of people said they will not invest in Uber.

Uber executive level manager Sherif Marakbay—Vice president of global vehicle programs and one of the planner of its self-driving vehicle program, is about to leave Uber on its own.

Marakby joined Uber just a year ago from Ford, he spent 25 years in Ford, In a statement Marakby said, “He was more focused on safety as car accidents were the most common death causes among youngsters.

He was actually overseeing the development and launch of Uber’s self-driving vehicle program, and before this program could enter the next phase, he decided to back off its plans. In another statement Marakby confirmed his departure and said, “Self-driving program was one of the most interesting and changing in my career, I am happy that I have contributed in the program that can have a safer future for everyone, though he didn’t mention the exact reason for leaving.

Uber, also didn’t mention any reason and explanation of Marakby’s departure, they told  TechCrunch that “Sherif’s deep experience and knowledge of the automotive industry have helped us tremendously in working to make self-driving cars a reality.”


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