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YouTube Music redesign displays many details along with comments


The UI of YouTube Music is continuously being improved. The Now Playing page will receive a new layout from YouTube Music that will enable viewers to see the comments, according to 9To5Google.

YouTube Music Redesign

YouTube Music now appears to have a more similar style to the main YouTube app. A horizontally scrolling carousel of chips with the Like, Dislike, Comments, Save to Playlist, and Share buttons may be found on the Now Playing interface.

Except for the color of the song or video toggle, there are not many changes at the top. The album cover now features softened corners as well. This might be connected to the recent update that provided YouTube videos on the website with rounded corners.

There is less empty area to create a place for the carousel. The controls have been moved down closer to the bottom bar, and the album art is now a little bit closer to the song/video toggle.

Additionally, you can see certain chips above the music in the queue. By doing this, the music in the queue will be filtered. Several chips are visible: Familiar, Discover, Popular, and Deep Cuts.

The latest redesign of YouTube music brings comments to the platform

The addition of the Comments button is likely the most noticeable change. The comments feed will appear when you tap on this button, exactly as if you were on the main app. You can view all the remarks made about the music you are currently listening to on the original YouTube in this area. There isn’t a distinct comment feature for YouTube Music, so this isn’t that.

YouTube essentially integrated YouTube Music with the main app’s comments. You can agree or disagree with and respond to other users’ comments. You may add your own comments as well.

Currently, users of Android and iOS are receiving this new version. Make sure your app is fully updated if you want to see this update. You should wait a day or two if you haven’t seen it yet.

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