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Valve Data Leak: Almost All Assets From TF2 and Half Life 2

In a few days it will be the second leak, but this time it will be much larger: A file collection has appeared on the web that contains almost all the assets of countless Valve titles. This includes canceled content for Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life.

The Largest leak at Valve

Last week we were able to report on a leaked prototype for Valve’s Left 4 Dead. However, the alarm bells will probably not stop ringing for the American game developer and publisher any time soon. As PC Gamer reports, Valve now has to deal with one of the “biggest leaks in its history”. The assets for the games Portal, Counter Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, Half-Life 2: Episodes 1 & 2, Half-Life 2 Multiplayer, and Team Fortress 2 have been leaked. However, the data is from 2016.

The leak originated on the Discord server of the “Valve Cut Content” group. An account that calls itself WandererLeaker had provided asset repositories here in which the content files for games are bundled. Apparently, it is content that Valve had shared confidentially with external partners. The data around the title Team Fortress 2 (TF2) have the greatest extent here. The 61GB package includes almost all assets developed for the game up to 2016 and includes a lot of unreleased content.

YouTuber and TF2 enthusiast Richter Overtime sums up what this means for the community brilliantly in a post on Twitter: “Loads of never-before-seen maps, models, PSDs & VMFs, everything. Once the community has digested this (61gb), there will be nothing more to talk about.” As PC Gamer notes, it will probably take a while before all the new content is really discovered here: “There are so many map prototypes that they still haven’t all been dug up,” according to the first analysis.

No Half Life 3 to see

The leaks for the other titles mentioned are much smaller in scope, but still allow interesting insights. However, one should certainly not hope for a sensational discovery in relation to the long-awaited title Half-Life 3. Since the files all come from collections shared with external partners, such sensitive content is unlikely to be found here.

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