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Virtual Reality: Becoming Lucrative—Sony Sold 1 Million Plus VR Headsets

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Sony said they have sold more than 1 million Virtual Reality (VR) headsets

Sony interactive entertainment head Atsushi Morita said, “sales exceeded our expectations”. Sony sold VR headset for $399 which was cheaper as compared to competitor’s VR headsets such as Facebook and HTC.

According to IDC, 2 million VR headsets were shipped around the world in the first 3 months of 2017.

The growing demand for VR is what future is going to be equipped with; movies, video games and videos are all going to transform into Virtual Reality in the next few years.

Morita is very excited with the technology and admired virtual reality by saying, “I believe that VR technology is the first greatest innovation since the invention of television”.

PlayStation VR You Need To Get

And that seems true, VR allows you to experience the world as it is while sitting at home, for instance going into space or watching world heritage sites, VR shows you everything just like real.

There are apparent reasons why Sony is leading in VR sales, Sony PlayStation VR is actually generating more sales, because it is cheaper and also extended market of 60 million PS4 consoles. People buy Sony VR set along with PS4 consoles.

Comparatively Facebook Oculus Rift headset and HTC’s Vive headset are premium priced $599 and $799 respectively. One headset is $200 up and the other one is $400 up from the Sony’s original price. This makes Sony to generate more sales especially in gaming segments.

CNN VR unit will launch 360 degree video content

According to Harding-Rolls a gaming analyst, VR was not much popular and a niche market but developers started to come up with innovative ideas with some interesting and immersive content to display such as the VR mode on the latest Resident Evil Game, which he described as a “scary proposition”.

He further expressed his belief and said, “I’m waiting for content that is truly transformational and original to VR,” he said.

“There are games that tried to exploit the VR’s potential, but there is lot more to come I’m pretty sure.

“With the launch of peripheral devices with haptic feedback is even further enhancement, so we will likely to see the games being made with these technologies in mind, but we can see even more sophisticated immersive VR technology in future.”

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