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Virtual reality is shaping the future, here is how

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a common term being thrown these days by mobile companies and tech enthusiasts. Many people have predicted that by 2030 the world will step into virtual reality. Virtual reality is deem to change the way humans interact with one another and see the world. VR or virtual reality is computer technology that uses software to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations which are replication of the real environment. The user physical environment is in stimulation which enables him/her to interact with the space or any object in the specialized visual image that is projected on the display screens or other devices.

A person who puts virtual reality system in use can move around in the artificial world and cut off the real world by eliminating outside stimuli. This way the user is focusing on the digital content. Education, medicine, gaming and in film making the concept is evolving at a fast pace. VR is in use by trainers where they can simulate environment to develop their skills. Thomas A. Furness the third was one of the first people to develop the use of VR in military training. He introduced the visually coupled airborne systems simulator (VCASS). He later on went to develop the super cockpit which was more advance and high resolution with a responsive display. After this VR became an important asset in military training.

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Virtual reality in mobile apps and camera hardware

Virtual reality in mobile apps has made a massive shift. The content can be generated in two days with 3D graphics through desktop software. Another method is to record the environment with an array of cameras-the sort of videos that are really popular on Facebook these days. The low end videos are monoscopic 2D and have a 180 degree video shot. The high end has stereoscopic 3D 360 video. The next generation light video is also a part of VR which helps moving around the scene without any motion constriction. Oculus recently said that people had viewed more than three million hours of video on Samsung’s Gear VR.

Immersion, immediacy and authenticity are the future of mobile videos. Facebook Live and Live.ly are changing the dynamics of mobile sharing. Meerkat one of the first one in the realm of video became dead because of its limited engagement. Smartphone cameras are the major players in changing the game of VR. Hardware manufacturing scale has grown because of the success of the smartphones. iPhone has given rise to cameras that are small and cheap, now everyone wants to be a part of the bandwagon. Apple has 800 engineers that work across camera hardware and software teams. Samsung its rival, approached the concept of VR video creations with the Gear 360 camera. New Apple phone might have two cameras with individual focus, according to rumors.

Rift and Vive have taken over the VR devices

Virtual reality in the film industry is becoming very common especially in science fiction movie. Matrix, Tron and Vanilla sky are examples of how the main characters are taken from their environment and transported into the virtual world.

Rift and Vive are two popular VR devices that are portable and offer immersive experience. Samsung Gear VR and Google cardboard are also on the list. The former is in use through a PC to power their high end performance. While, the latter can be used by plugging into the smartphone, that delivers wireless and more convenient VR. HTC vive uses a lens to magnify and stretch a 5.7 inch screen across the field vision.

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