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Vivo NEX To Adopt Under-Screen Camera With Waterfall And IP68 Waterproofing

Vivo Nex 5

The Vivo NEX series has not been announced since the release of the Vivo NEX 3S at the beginning of last year. Earlier, it was reported that the new Vivo NEX phone was originally scheduled for the second quarter, but due to the under-screen camera technology. The release was delayed indefinitely.

However, the Chinese tipster revealed that the next-generation Vivo NEX will be luxuriously equipped with three lenses and continue to be polished. It uses an under-screen camera + waterfall screen design. It still has Zeiss certification and is expected to become Vivo’s first IP68 waterproof phone. The waterproof and dust-proof model is expected to be equipped with a high-resolution under-screen camera, which is expected to be released in the second half of the year.

It is worth mentioning that the tipster also revealed that this high-resolution panel seems to come from LG Display’s supply chain. It cannot be judged about 120+60 or refers to 120W wired fast charging + 60W wireless fast charging.

According to the details, the last digital flagship of the NEX series was the NEX 3S 5G in March last year, and then the NEX 3 in 2019 and the NEX dual-screen in 2018. The new generation of NEX may be Named NEX 5. Judging from the official attitude towards the delay of NEX’s under-screen display, this device is expected to bring you some unexpected surprises, so stay tuned.

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