Vivo X100 Series Can Capture the Sun: Official Weibo Claims

Vivo X100

In a remarkable showcase of technological advancement, Vivo’s official Weibo account has released a teaser for the vivo X100 series, demonstrating its ability to capture the sun in a sunset scene without any flare issues. The official statement highlights, “This is truly outrageous and indeed reliable.”

The vivo X100 series is the first to be equipped with the Zeiss APO lens, making it the only product in the smartphone industry to receive Zeiss APO certification. Renowned for eliminating chromatic aberration and possessing an ultra-high lens transmittance, the Zeiss APO lens employs a special optical design. It uses unique coatings to minimize interference between different colors of light, resulting in more accurate and vibrant color reproduction.

Moreover, the Zeiss APO lens boasts an exceptionally high light transmittance, significantly enhancing the brightness and clarity of the captured images.

In addition to its advanced optics, the vivo X100 series features a periscope telephoto OV64B sensor, measuring 1/2 inch and supporting OIS optical stabilization. Combined with vivo’s proprietary imaging algorithms and image processing chip, the zoom capabilities are expected to surpass those of the previous flagship, the vivo X90 Pro+.

From an industrial design perspective, the vivo X100 series introduces a ‘lunar ring’ design, where the ring encircles the lens module, creating a refined and fashionable look. The series comes in four color options: Star Trail Blue, Sunset Orange, Moonlight White, and Starry Night Black.

Furthermore, the vivo X100 series will debut with the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 mobile platform, boasting a 40% increase in CPU peak performance and a 33% reduction in power consumption, with AnTuTu scores breaking through the 2.2 million mark.

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