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Web version of Thread is getting more useful

Threads app

Threads is now available online. This brings it closer to what users have come to anticipate from websites like Facebook and X. However, there was a significant omission when it first appeared online that puzzled users. On Threads for the web, you couldn’t cite posts. That’s about to change, according to a post by Adam Mosseri via The Verge.

The world needs an alternative to Twitter, and Threads provides that alternative. It really launched broadly on day one without a protracted beta testing phase. It started off with a meteoric climb. After reaching its peak, its user base promptly began to decline like, well, a meteor. As the usage base stabilized, that was to be anticipated.

Soon after its debut, Meta eventually made Threads accessible online. People were happy that they could now access the Threads website from their desktop computers. Meta is expanding Threads with new capabilities to give it additional functionality.

Posts can now be quoted on Threads for the Web

Again, when Threads for the Web did not allow users to quote messages, we were all a little perplexed. They could only be reposted. If you don’t know what quoting a post is, it’s when you add your own text to someone else’s post after sharing it on your profile.

Thursday’s Instagram post by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri showed a person quoting a Threads article on the topic. According to him, this feature will be released this week, along with another. Users shouldn’t have to wait much longer, given that the week is almost over.

What is the other listed feature?

The ability to use the mobile app to follow certain discussions is the second feature described in the text. When you subscribe to a thread, you will get notifications whenever there is action on it. For a period of 24 hours, you won’t be able to receive notifications from that thread. Make sure your app has the most recent update if you haven’t seen this feature yet.

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