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Instagram adds themed icon support to the Threads Android app

According to some recent pieces of information shared by 9To5Google, the Android app Threads is all set to receive support for themed icons. In simple words, it means that the Threads app can align with the color of a user’s device theme or wallpaper. It will help improve the uniformity of icons across the One UI. The new feature has been added to version v300. of Threads. It is noteworthy here that Threads is the first and only social media app by Meta that has support for themed icons.

With the debut of Android 12, the themed icons feature was introduced. These icons can match the color of the smartphone’s wallpaper or theme. For instance, if a user has set a blur-colored theme on the device, the themed icons will appear with the same color palette. In order to make the app icon match the system theme, the app must support the themed icons feature.

In addition to this, Meta has recently introduced the web version of Threads. Users can now access Threads from a web browser. It offers the same functions and features that are presented on the Threads app for Android and iOS. With the web version, consumers can access Threads from Meta on their PCs, such as Galaxy Books or Chromebooks, and take advantage of all of its features without having to rely on their mobile devices or tablets. Besides this, Meta is continuously adding new features like reposting, search, keyword search support, and others to improve the user experience on Threads.