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WhatsApp New Feature Will Allow You To Send Messages To Yourself


It may not be the most effective way to save notes, but many do it, such as emailing themselves. In the future, this will also be possible with WhatsApp, because the messenger belonging to Meta is currently testing a corresponding function.

There are numerous uses for notes, to-do lists, and the like, yet many use the send-yourself method. This is probably due to the fact that it is simply particularly simple, while factors such as being easier to find and organize play a subordinate role if you just want to save something quickly.

As WABetaInfo reported, this will also be possible with WhatsApp in the future. Until now, you had to annoy one of your contacts or take detours if you wanted to save something in or via Messenger. As the blog writes, the makers are currently testing this possibility in a preliminary version that is made available to selected users. This does not mean that WhatsApp will actually introduce it, but the messenger usually implements what is tested for the general public.

“Notes” via WhatsApp

Although it was previously possible to send a message to one’s own telephone number, it was somewhat cumbersome and required the use of the click-to-chat function. However, with an update made available to some (but not all) beta testers, this will be much easier.

Because with the updated version it will be possible to select yourself as a contact. Specifically, you will then click on the symbol for a new chat and there you will be able to find an entry for yourself “I (you)” next to “New group” and “New contact”. Another advantage of the new method is that the self-send works better for those users who use WhatsApp on different devices.