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WhatsApp is now officially available on WhatsApp


For years, WhatsApp has trailed in the race to be the best messenger app. Recently, WhatsApp has introduced some amazing improvements to its platform. WhatsApp is rapidly improving its game. For quite a while, it’s thrown in something new almost every week. If we look at recent updates, WhatsApp is providing some major support for communities, the group call service of WhatsApp is improved, status updates are improved to the advanced options, and much more. If you are keenly keeping an eye on these updates, you will notice some of the best improvements being made to the platform. In its latest update, WhatsApp has launched its own official chat account on the platform.

What is WhatsApp’s official account all about ?

This WhatsApp official account will keep you up to date on the latest features that are being added, as well as some useful platform tips. This feature has been in the works for some time and is now available. The first message you’ll receive from this official account will be about the purpose of this chat. That set of information will include some of the latest features and tricks that will let you learn quite a bit about the service.

This official chat on WhatsApp can work like any other chat on the platform. You can block or archive the chat if it doesn’t interest you. The first message that any user may receive from this platform will be about the feature of disappearing messages. This feature was introduced over a year ago. This rollout is just a simple addition to the platform; it won’t affect it by any means. You will also be unable to locate this chat until you receive a text message from the official account.

However, WhatsApp’s competitor, Telegram, already has this feature. That official account on Telegram works in the same manner by updating you on the latest features and sharing some useful tips and tricks. Nonetheless, WhatsApp is making every effort to improve its user experience. 

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