Google is updating its settings page in Android

Your Android experience revolves around Google and its services. Directly from your Google settings page, you may examine and modify settings relevant to your Google account. Mishaal Rahman, an Android analyst, predicts a significant redesign of the Google settings page.

Making the UI less crowded is the focus of the page revisions. Additionally, it will more closely align the app with Material You. Currently, the settings are just a simple list of services and options. Your profile picture and a link to access pertinent account information are located at the top of the page.

Google setting page revamp will bring a major amendment

While the page will now have a new layout, there is still good news for those who prefer the familiar. You’ll notice a new two-tabbed layout when you first open the page. You will see a selection of suggested options on the first tab. We don’t know if these suggested settings will be universal or if each user will receive a unique set of recommendations.

We can see a grid view and huge, rounded rectangular buttons on this tab. In the Google One section at the top, you can change the settings and see how much storage you’ve used up. Other choices under that include the Password Manager, Google Wallet, and Find My Device.

This will provide efficient ways to access certain settings. It’ll eliminate the need to search through settings. Don’t panic, though, if you can’t find the options in the first tab. You can view the settings page in the standard list view by selecting the second tab. You will have the same experience there as you did previously.

The primary goal of this redesign is not to alter the app’s appearance. It mainly serves to speed up your search for specific settings. There is a possibility that you won’t receive the update straight away, even though it is currently rolling out. Google Play Services will distribute the update.

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