On WhatsApp, nameless groups can now be created

According to some recent pieces of information, the Meta-owned messaging app is receiving a new feature. Reportedly, the new feature is related to group chats. Whenever any user creates a group on WhatsApp, they are required to name it. However, it won’t be required in the future. The messaging platform will assign an auto-generated name to these groups. The name will be based on the names of participants saved in the user’s contact list. According to what they have given other participants’ names on their mobile devices, each of them will see an alternate title for the group.

The new feature was announced by Mark Zuckerberg on his official Facebook page. When you don’t feel like thinking of a new name, you can form WhatsApp groups by naming them depending on the people in the chat. Furthermore, the new feature was also broadcast on Zuckerberg’s Instagram channel.

For saved contacts, names will appear as the group name; for instance, a group consisting of your family members could be named “Mom, Dad, & Brother.” On the other hand, phone numbers will appear as group names for unsaved contacts. Users have the freedom to change the group names. The above-mentioned feature is quite useful in instances when we want rapid communication with various members via a temporary group chat.

Name-less groups can be created with six participants, including the user. If a user selects more participants he will be required to name the group. After selecting five or fewer individuals initially, you can later add more participants as a workaround. We could add a lot more people to a nameless group after creating it, but it’s uncertain whether the feature was intended to operate this way or if it’s a flaw.

WhatsApp is already rolling out the new feature

As per the information, the new feature is rolling out to users across the globe. It will be accessible to Android, iOS, and desktop users in the upcoming days. Download or update WhatsApp to the latest version in order to access the new feature.

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