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WhatsApp is working on the development of a newsletter feature

According to some recent pieces of information, WhatsApp is working on a new feature. The new feature was spotted in the beta version of the app. Reportedly, the Android version of the app is having a hidden WhatsApp newsletter feature. It appears that the company is working on the development of this feature. Normally, the company tests and tries new features on the Android version of the app before releasing them for the iOS version.

The references to the feature were identified by WAbetainfo in the beta version as per the site, the new feature will possibly be an extension of the Communities feature. The Communities feature of WhatsApp enables the integration of at least ten groups. For instance, many groups on WhatsApp are categorized into two distinct groups. One group is dedicated to on-topic discussions while the other is specified for off-topic discussions. On the other hand, the Communities feature presents the potential to link up all the relevant groups. It even consists of a broadcast facility that is used for forwarding messages to all related groups.

According to the report by WAbetainfo, the Newsletter option will be presented as a separate and optional feature in the app. It will keep the distinction between the standard chats and groups. It is due to the reason that every user might not prefer it. Additionally, the Newsletter feature won’t be accompanied by end-to-end encryption. Where end-to-end encryption is already presented with individual and group chats.

Besides this, the feature is presented with other privacy features. for instance, nobody will have access to the newsletter to a particular user subscribes to. In contrast to group chats, the name and contact information of the user is hidden by default. Previously, WhatsApp introduced the picture-in-picture mode for video calls for the iOS version. Using this feature, users can have access to other apps while chatting on a video call.

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