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WhatsApp Will Soon Allow Original Quality Images Sharing


Anyone who receives photos via WhatsApp will not see the images in their original quality. The photos are compressed to save storage space and data volume. This should soon change not only in the app but also in the desktop client.

According to WABetaInfo, the developers are currently working on a feature that will allow photos to be sent in the desktop version of the messenger with the original resolution and quality. Beta users will soon be able to test the function. In January we reported that the feature was to be introduced in WhatsApp for Android. So far, however, only references to the function in the app have been found. It is therefore unclear when the feature should be available to all users.

Send images as documents

Despite the integrated compression process, it is already possible with WhatsApp to send uncompressed images. The photos must be sent as a document for this purpose. The recipient then receives the original file that has not previously been processed by the instant messenger. However, this procedure turns out to be cumbersome for a whole series of images, since the files have to be downloaded individually and cannot be found automatically in the gallery.

Going forward, WhatsApp users will still have the option to compress images before sending them. The new feature should not completely displace the compression process. If you have a volume tariff or a smartphone with little memory and do not value the quality of the photos, you can send and receive compressed images. Two quality levels are available.