Who Will Benefit The Most From AI Technology: Survey Concludes

The use of artificial intelligence in companies has already taken many forms, from pilot projects to the complete integration of existing chatbots such as ChatGPT or tailor-made solutions. As a survey by MIT Technology Review in cooperation with Databricks shows, in 2025 there will probably be three main areas of business in which the use of AI will become significantly more important than in 2022.

These are IT and finance departments, as well as functions related to supply chain and manufacturing processes. In the former in particular, according to the technology executives surveyed, it will be difficult to avoid AI. Almost half of those surveyed stated that AI will play a central role in IT in 2025, and another 22 percent see broad acceptance for a wide variety of use cases. However, the experts see the greatest increase in importance in the area of ​​finance. While only eight percent of the survey participants assume that AI will be a central building block for financial processes in companies by 2022, around 43 percent predict that finance departments will no longer be able to do without AI by 2025.

While a rapid sales development curve is generally forecast for the AI ​​market, the actual estimated sales figures differed drastically in some cases, which is probably partly due to the fact that innovation development in this segment can hardly be planned. For example, according to Next Move Strategy Consulting, the market volume in 2025 will be around US$450 billion worldwide, IDC estimates total global sales for 2024 will be US$554 billion and Globe Newswire assumes US$314 billion for 2025.

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