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Why Google deindexed your blog: Indexing and deindexing on search engine

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Google is constantly improving the principles and mechanisms of indexing. As the number of blogs is rapidly increasing on the Internet, Google increasingly prefers freshness of information. As a consequence, this affects the speed of indexing the content of blogs and the positioning of their pages in the database.

How does Google index blogs? The whole process can not be described in one article. I will say briefly. Indexing occurs in two directions – indexing and de-indexing. Moreover, the content is deindexed at almost the same speed as indexing. What affects this speed? Here are some factors:

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  • blog popularity
  • number of backlinks
  • content refresh rate

What does all this mean for bloggers? Highlight some key points:

  1. Blogs with low content update, as well as low popularity, are increasingly experiencing difficulties in a correct positioning on Google (de-indexing)
  2. Quality content and update blog are one of the decisive factors in search engine optimization.
  3. For optimizers, spammers, this complicates the task of creating original and relevant content, because of the huge amount of different and sometimes similar information
  4. For the promotion of a blog, SEO specialists are increasingly in demand, as Optimization today takes place almost in real time. This, in turn, requires the use of new mechanisms and methods of interactive marketing, since SEO is no longer a purely technical question. With the launch of SearchWiki, this has become even clearer.

Considering the existing reality, both bloggers and those involved in optimization, promotion, marketing, etc., have a lot to think about.

I wish you all new creative success!

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