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With its own 300W charging, OPPO plans to compete with Redmi


It appears that OPPO is putting together its own 300W charging system. It will be made available under the moniker SuperVOOC from the firm, and it aims to compete with Redmi’s 300W offering. As many of you are aware, Redmi demonstrated its 300W charging capability back in February, but it has yet to appear in any products.

Redmi did, however, reaffirm its intention to use 300W charging in future products. Realme’s 240W charging system offers the quickest charging currently possible in a commercial smartphone. It comes with the Realme GT3. Therefore, OPPO probably had a big hand in the 240W charging option.

In any case, OPPO wants to raise the stakes once more. A well-known Chinese tipper named Digital Chat Station broke the news of its 300W charging solution. He posted the information on Weibo. It will probably be unveiled before the end of this year, and OPPO wants to do so with a 4,450mAh battery attached. Well, how fast will this charge the smartphone is a question, but we have some possible answers to this.

The 300W charging by Redmi takes around 5 minutes to completely charge a smartphone equipped with a 4,100mAh battery. Half of the battery is charged within 2 minutes and 11 seconds. So, we can expect that OPPO’s 300W charging should perform in a similar manner. In addition to this, OPPO has introduced its SuperVOOC charging for quite some time. The company has introduced the fast charging feature in various smartphones. It includes not only high-end but mid-range devices too. Furthermore, the 120W charging by the company is pretty fast.