With new customization possibilities and a revamped user interface, HarmonyOS 4 is now official

HarmonyOS 2

Last month, we learned that Huawei will introduce HarmonyOS 4 next month. Well, the wait is over now, and HarmonyOS 4 is now official. Notably, the company debuted the new version of HarmonyOS at the Huawei Developer Conference in China. HarmonyOS 4 will probably have a uniform appearance throughout the world but will lack several China-specific features.

HarmonyOS 4 has been introduced with several new features

HarmonyOS 4 brings several new features, ranging from a major UI redesign to new customization options. The new UI design refers to a major reform. Visually, the HarmonyOS 4 is quite different from the HarmonyOS 3. The new version includes several customization options. Users can now modify fonts, colors, the clock, widget styles, and the system.

In addition to this, users can create and design their own combinations. With the new HarmonyOS 4, users can even use emojis as wallpapers. Furthermore, HarmonyOS 4 includes a feature termed as ‘Panorama Weather.’ Such a feature will provide users with weather updates directly on the home screen. The feature will stay updated in real time.

The notification center has been modified

The company has also modified the notification center. Users can now categorize alerts and pin app notifications for their preferred apps. Huawei has introduced something called ‘Live Window’ with the new version of HarmonyOS. The supported apps will feature alerts and notifications. They will appear in the top-left corner of the device in the form of pill-shaped icons. They can be expanded with a single click.

In addition to this, the new version includes several new widgets. HarmonyOS 4 now comes with the Ark Engine. The company claims that it can now offer 20% better performance. Given this, the apps should open more quickly on the system, and animations should look nicer without draining the battery.

Globally, HarmonyOS is available on over 700 million devices

As per the information provided by the company, the HarmonyOS ecosystem is available on over 700 million devices, ranging from smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, to TVs, and more. The public beta of HarmonyOS 4 is available for Chinese variants of several smartphones. Currently, there is no information on when the company will debut the global version of HarmonyOS 4.

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