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Xbox Cross-platform bans against cheaters Coming Soon


Ultimately, online games are often only somewhat more specialized forms of social networks and accordingly have the same problems with certain users. The head of Microsoft’s gaming division would therefore like to see the possibility of comprehensive bans.

This means that gamers who take it too far – whether by cheating or by insulting other users – could be blocked across platforms. “If someone is blocked in one of our networks, isn’t there a way to block them in other networks as well?”, Said Phil Spencer in an interview with the New York Times. From his point of view, this is a problem that the industry as a whole has to deal with. However, this is not trivial. Because if Microsoft decides, for example, to block a user in the Xbox Live network, their data cannot simply be passed on to Sony and Nintendo so that a ban can then also be set up there. This would forbid the data protection regulations of the various states alone.

Its Not New

According to Spencer, it is conceivable, for example, that the large providers of gaming platforms could work together to develop a system that can be filled individually by the user. If you then block a certain player on the Xbox, for example, you would then no longer receive any messages from him via the Playstation Network.

Whatever the final solution in detail, it is clear that something has to happen. Spencer is by no means the first to come up with this idea. Other representatives of the industry are also well aware of the problem. For example, over a year ago an alliance between Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony was concluded to take care of the matter – but there are still no tangible results here.


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