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Xbox Elite Controller Hidden Feature Discovered

Xbox Elite Controller 2

The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 comes with a small feature that Microsoft does not actively promote and that has only now been discovered by the community. The color of the illumination of the Xbox button is freely selectable. This currently only works via detours on the PC.

The RGB LED controlled via Steam

Manufacturers actually do not hold back from promoting even the smallest feature in large quantities. With the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, Microsoft has kept quite a secret that a full-fledged RGB LED that can be controlled is installed to illuminate the Xbox button. The great reaction to a Reddit post that now points to the unknown possibilities shows that many in the community did not know anything about this fact. The gaming community owes the colorful message to the Reddit user and Xbox enthusiast Pyrored14, among others.

As he also describes in a thread on Twitter, the path to the newly radiant Xbox controller is anything but direct and necessarily leads to the menu depths of Steam. In Big Picture mode, the menu can be called up in the upper right corner. Under “Controller”, “Controller Settings”, the item “Xbox Extended Feature Support” must be activated – if activated, a restart is required here. Back under “Controller Settings” you should be able to select the “Xbox Elite Controller Series 2” below.

RGB slider and go

In the next step, the menu button at the top right allows you to adjust the settings for the controller. And exactly in this selection, there is also an RGB slider, which enables the free choice of the color of the Xbox button. This is of course not a really round solution and is initially limited to operation with PC and Steam.

“We shouldn’t have to learn from Steam that we can do something like that with our Xbox product,” concluded Pyrored14. And two questions are being asked particularly loudly in the community: Why has Microsoft not yet provided a direct control option and can this also be expected for the console? It will be interesting to see if there will be an answer soon.

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