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Xbox Series X/S: New update brings order to the game collection

Microsoft provides the dashboard of the Xbox Series X and Series S with another update. Insiders can now take advantage of a new overview of installed and available games that can be filtered much better – for example regarding the Xbox Game Pass.

The Alpha Ring is currently giving Xbox Insider program participants access to the new game library, which will be rolling out to all Xbox Series X/S and possibly even Xbox One owners in the near future. In the complete overview of all available games, it is now possible to filter and sort them using simple, horizontally arranged tabs.

Xbox Game Pass and EA Play get their own hubs

The categories introduced make perfect sense. In addition to installed titles (Owned Games), all titles that are exclusive to the optional Xbox Game Pass, Games with Gold, or EA Play membership can be seen at a glance. On the corresponding sub-pages, Microsoft also indicates which games have recently been added to the booked game flat rates and which will be discontinued soon. Last but not least, installed apps (like Netflix, and Spotify.) are filtered out.

Windows Central assumes the Redmond-based company will be more flexible when it comes to accepting further game subscriptions in the future. As with the EA Play membership within Xbox Game Pass, rumors of the Ubisoft+ integration are growing. You’re also seeing a trend for game publishers to focus more and more on subscription services—whether within Game Pass or separately. Microsoft is already charting the course so it won’t be too confusing for Xbox Series X/S owners going forward.

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