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Your downloads are tracked by Chrome in its most recent UI experiment

Google is working to introduce new features to Chrome. Reportedly, the company is working on releasing some new UI for downloads. these updates are specifically targeted at the desktop version of Google Chrome. One thing to notice here is that the feature is not set by default. The old download shelf presented at the bottom of the browser window has been replaced with a download bubble. Once the new feature is turned on, it utilizes a button from the menu bar of Chrome. Followed by this, a list of the most recent downloads appears as a popup. Besides other changes, that button is receiving some new features. the new features will enable the users to keep a record of their parallel downloads.

The recent information is spotted by a tipster Leopeva64 on Reddit. According to the tipster, the modified download menu icon is presented with an overlay that shows the total number of active downloads. However, the number is only shown in cases when the user is processing more than one download. Furthermore, the number recedes as soon as the download is completed or only when one download is in progress.

The latest feature is available on the Chrome 111 desktop version. Chrome 111 is currently only presented in the Canary and Developer pre-release channels. Currently, version 109 is the stable version of Chrome. Whereas Chrome Beta has been updated to version 110 due to some changes in the pipeline.

Before checking out this new feature, be sure to enable the new download bubble UI in the hidden feature flags of Chrome’s menu at chrome://flags#download-bubble. Followed by this permit a second flag at chrome://flags#download-bubble-for activation of the latest update. Finally, restart your browser to make sure that it has been updated.

This new feature is among the several twists that are expected to be introduced by Google in the future. Besides these modifications and feature updates, the company has also been considering the case with HTTP-only webpages. It is anticipated that the company will make it less likely to download stuff from less protected sources in Chrome 111.

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