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YouTube is worried about Shorts jeopardizing revenue from conventional videos

TikTok was the first video platform to promote video content, and it spread quickly to YouTube and other video streaming platforms. YouTube is one of the best entertaining platforms, but as some insider information suggests, short-form video content is eclipsing long-form content on YouTube. This is also affecting the company’s bottom line.

As per information via The Verge, various interactions with unnamed senior management as well as people that are familiar with the business of the platform declared that YouTube’s cash cow, along with long-form video, is getting affected due to the popularity of YouTube shorts. For more than half of the year, the platform’s earnings are lower in comparison with last year. The main reasons for this include a lack of interest from viewers and brands preferring partnerships for short content.

Given how simple it is to watch Shorts, regular videos may not be drawing nearly as many viewers as they once did. They require less time for each movie and more attentiveness for shorter periods of time. Shorts are more relatable to the viewer, according to the creators, which increases audience engagement. Additionally, Shorts are made specifically for mobile devices, and YouTube is widely available on cellphones. One YouTube staff member compares traditional YouTube videos to reading a book with focus and time available because your next short clip is just a swipe away.

YouTube awards artists with 55% of the ad revenue from traditional videos and a lesser 45% share from Shorts, indicating that Shorts were never intended to compete with regular YouTube content. However, creators also greatly benefit from brand partnerships, which allow brands to choose the types of content they wish to support. Additionally, larger videos need more work from creators because they take longer to research, record, edit, and upload.

But it’s not just up to the producers and the spectators. The current predicament was exacerbated by YouTube, which provided the makers with all the resources they needed to produce Shorts. Even though YouTube personnel have admitted to degrading cross-posted content with TikTok branding, it is estimated that less than 10% of creators employ these methods. YouTube also tried to make short content more widely known on less ideal devices, including your TV.

Although the organization is now aware of these risks associated with short content, it still needs to support them to remain current. However, there should be measures to lessen the effect on the business’s profits, such as aggressively monetizing Shorts or turning it into a distinct app.

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