YouTube might let you search a song by humming it

You overhear a song, and it is there in your head. You try to search it out with a thousand keywords. But YouTube has a better solution to this. As per information via Android Police, YouTube will let you search for a song just by humming it.

The reason for doing this is that YouTube is a video-first platform, and there’s a lot of music that is launched via YouTube. Artists as well as a plethora of musicians will upload their work through YouTube, which is a great way to continue it on YouTube Music. This feature is perfect for those who listen to their playlist via YouTube Music.

YouTube will let you search songs by just humming

This feature will work using voice search on YouTube, and you can hum the melody of the song you’re trying to find, and the app will identify it. As this latest feature involves the technology of artificial intelligence, we can’t expect the result to be 100% accurate. This might also happen due to the difference in tune as the vocals will not match, and it will be harder for the app to identify what’s being hummed.

Even if the tune doesn’t match the original, YouTube will still give you several good choices, depending on the possibility. Even if your humming doesn’t match the original, it’ll still give you several choices to find the song.

For now, this feature is being tested, and you will not be able to use it just yet. Until it came into the app, you were bound to keep humming that song in your head.

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