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During March Madness, YouTube TV is experimenting with ‘Multiview’

In 2022, YouTube TV announced that it was working on a new mode i.e., Multiview mode. Such a mode allows viewing multiple channels at any given time. As of now, reports suggest that the feature is available as part of the testing phase.

Given this new feature, the company has mentioned that the feature is accessible to a few members in the first phase. It permits the users to view four channels simultaneously in a 2 x2 grid. The NCAA Tournament officially begins today with the first two games in the first four rounds, so having this is pretty awesome.

Users can select the preferred viewing experience from the “Top Picks for you” carousel. However, one thing to notice here is that YouTube TV is not permitting users to select the channels. The channels are pre-selected. Users might be able to select and customize the channels in the multiview live streams.

YouTube introduced this feature after winning the NFL Sunday Ticket rights

After it was revealed that YouTube TV had been awarded the NFL Sunday Ticket rights starting with the 2023–24 season, the company first discussed this multiview functionality. When it was available on DIRECTV, the NFL Sunday Ticket’s multiview capabilities were a key component. Hence, Google is giving users what they really want.

According to YouTube, it used pre-existing live streaming technology to create Multiview. In order to permit creators to go live together on the platform, the Live stream has already built a pretty powerful compositor. The company has introduced the Multiview today for some subscribers. The company states that the feature will be available for all users in the upcoming months. Well, obviously, this step is to ensure that the feature is bug-free.

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