48-Hour Challenge Game is Encouraging Children To Disappear

We all know about the Blue Whale game, how it was encouraging youngsters to commit suicide and harm themselves in every possible way. Well if it wasn’t bad enough, there is another damaging game in town called ’48 hour challenge’ game. The game asks young children to pretend they have vanished for a couple of days to earn points. Every time their name pops up on Facebook posts, they will gain extra points. After 2days end, the participant comes back on Facebook and informed everyone that he/she is safe and secure.

Interesting: Anti-Blue Whale game developed by a Pakistani

Facebook Spokesperson said, “The safety of young people on Facebook is a responsibility we take extremely seriously and we are awaiting the links to investigate these reports to ensure we are able to take swift action if it is needed. We work closely with safety experts including the NSPCC, the UK Safer Internet Centre, Missing People, Childnet and much more to help young people have a positive experience on ‘Facebook, and collaborate closely with law enforcement agencies on issues regarding child safety. We encourage people to use the reporting tools available on every page on Facebook if they see content that concerns them, so we can investigate and take action.”

A mother in Northern Ireland whose child was a contestant of the game said, “This is a competition and it’s sick. The anxiety it left our family in is unspeakable… I was terrified they were dead or would be raped, trafficked or killed. But these kids just think it’s funny. There was not even a moment of remorse when my child was taken into police custody and when the police brought my child home. I could see posts of selfies from the police car. “I’ve been told my child and friends are in the lead in this competition because they managed to vanish for 55 hours before they were discovered. It was just terrifying, and my child, who is 14, doesn’t seem to get it. They need a wake-up call, but I’m worried what that would be.”

Also, an 11-year girl was missing and it was linked with this game, though the news was false the grandmother of the little girl warned everyone against playing the game saying, “She just said she ran away with her friend. She is frightened now and I think she is starting to realize what she has done wrong. She didn’t know about this challenge. We told her about it and I do believe her but there are other girls in her school who are on Facebook.”

We need to understand that such games are harmful to the society. What purpose are we fulfilling by making such games? Our children are our future, we need to build their character constructively, not damage it totally. Technology must be used in a positive manner so that everyone can benefit from it, rather than end up lost or worse dead.

Darakhshan Anjum

Media coordinator and junior editor at Research Snipers RS-NEWS, I studied mass communication and interested technology business, I have 3 years experience in the media industry.

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