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6 Simple Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks To Your Site

Links have always been of great importance for how Google and other search engines determine the credibility of a website. They regard each link as a letter of recommendation, so to speak. The more links refer to a website, the more authentically it is viewed and the higher its ranking in the search results .

Learning and evaluating backlinks to improve website rankings is one of the oldest and most effective tactics for search engine optimization (SEO). And while one of the most productive ways to get backlinks is to be careful about the quality of those links.

In the early days of search engine optimization, website owners saw backlinking as a kind of “game” and tried to get links through questionable tricks. Since then, most of Google’s algorithm updates have been designed to destroy such suspicious methods.

Today, only the so-called “white hat” processes are considered reliable and ethical. And if you’re willing to put in enough effort and time, it’s quite possible to increase your rankings (and your credibility).

This post shows 6 smart ways to get legitimate, high quality backlinks that will help prove to Google and other search engines that your website is worth high rankings.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks, also known as inbound links or incoming links , are created when one website refers to another.

They play an important role in determining the ranking of your website in search engines, which they see as indicators of high-quality content.

Essentially, if other websites offer you a backlink, that means they vouch for your content and rely on your reputation to strengthen their own. For search engines, this means that your website deserves high visibility in the user search results.

In order for backlinks to have a positive impact on your organic reach, of course , they have to be purchased from other reliable sources . While you may not have a lot of control over who points you back, there are a number of steps you can take to improve your prospect of building a link.

1. A high opinion among experts

Just like in social circles, your reputation in the digital world depends heavily on who is talking about you. If credible websites refer back to your website with a large, loyal user base in their content area, a large part of their good reputation will be passed on to you. This will help your content get a high score on the credibility scale.

However, you need to be careful when referring to discredited or paid websites as this may put you in the spam category. It is worth investing in a solid social listening tool to ensure that your backlinks are only offered on high quality websites – one with a lot of traffic and good expertise.

Find key internet entities such as influential bloggers, popular or high-end brands, and editorial websites known for their unbiased, accurate reporting. Contact them and build meaningful relationships with them by offering to write for them (which you can include a backlink to your content).

Monitor websites that contain backlinks to your competitors and present your content to them. Finally, search the web for broken links and identify those that can be replaced by backlinks to your content.

2. Get an excellent domain name

One of the questions that is emerging is whether domain names have an impact on SEO? In a way, they do. However, this does not mean that you should register a long domain name with allkeywords.com.

A study of the impact of new domains on search engine optimization suggests that a keyword-rich domain name can help websites get thematic backlinks to these keywords.

This is good news for companies that want to be found organically. For example, if www.book.store receives backlinks to the anchor text “book store”, then the website ranking for the keywords “book store” will be improved.

Domain names with new and context-dependent domain endings such as .TECH, .SITE, .ONLINE, .SPACE etc. enable a company to obtain a relevant and keyword-rich domain name.

3. Be credible yourself

To ensure that more and more reputable websites point to you, you have to provide them with content that is worth backlinking. In other words, in order to link credible websites to you, you have to have credibility yourself.

There is simply no other way than producing meaningful and well-designed content, especially since search engines are increasingly relying on quality and authenticity in order to eliminate the confusion. Literally every element of the content on your website must have the following characteristics:

  • Grammatically and factually exact,
  • Thoroughly researched and backed up with credible sources of information,
  • Visually appealing and sweeping with a wealth of ideas,

Their content should broaden the knowledge of the reader and close the gap between the needs of the consumer and the information already available.

Widening your horizons beyond the usual copy-heavy articles and opening up unique content offers that other websites can rely on is an effective way to acquire credible backlinks.

Here are some content formats that work well on their own as well as supporting arguments on other websites, making them attractive backlink options:

  • Glossaries
  • Detailed and niche instructions,
  • Infographics,
  • Diagrams and graphs,
  • Case studies,
  • Comparative analyzes,
  • eBooks,
  • White papers,
  • Audio recordings,
  • Image libraries
  • Videos

4. Stay on trend

While the exact formula that drives your SERPs ranking up can’t be cracked, you can make sure you stay on the ball by being up to date with marketing and SEO trends.

Create content that matches the latest trends and keyword usage. Make sure your content and page structure are optimized. Publishing interviews with experts on interesting and current topics is valuable and helps your entire SEO. These also ensure that great content can be linked to backlinks.

The same rules apply if you want to revise your older content to make it fresh, relevant, and engaging for users and other websites that can rely on your strong SEO to improve their own.

5. Be socially connected

In times when the Internet is flooded with new content every day, it is not enough to just publish inspiring and informative material. A lack of visibility on relevant social media channels that your target group uses frequently severely limits the reach and potential of your content. How should someone link to your content when no one sees it?

While the jury has not yet said the last word about whether presence on social media has a direct impact on the SERP ranking, a strong social media strategy can certainly be helpful. Frequently share posts that are creative and engaging – this is essential for building brand reputation and loyalty.

Social media combined with a strong SEO strategy can help bring more traffic to your website. This makes you more credible in the eyes of search engines and worthy of backlinks in the eyes of other websites. What use is great content if it cannot be seen and shared by the people out there?

However, publication in social media is not enough. To ensure that your content receives the attention it deserves, it is important to engage with your audience in a meaningful way on social media. There aren’t many ways to do this, but you can, for example, respond to their comments and reward their shares and likes with mentions in your own user profile. The same goes for websites that link to you, as more visibility of your username on social media means that you will be more concerned with yourself.

6. Simplify

Improve your chances of getting a link on a variety of websites by offering them simple and direct ways to link to your content.

Add a “Link Us” button or create HTML-enabled snippets below your content section that people can insert directly into their own content. This not only makes linking easier for the not so tech-savvy website owners, but also influences others to give you a backlink (simply because it is there and is easy).

Often times people will mention the name of your website when they rewrite or quote your content without linking it to you. In such cases, simply sending a message expressing your gratitude for the mention on their website and asking them to turn the mention into a link can often actually generate a backlink to your website.


Backlinks may not be one of the top priorities for SEO specialists, who mainly focus on on-page aspects such as keywords, anchor and meta text, internal links and website architectures – aspects that can influence them. For a strong and effective SEO strategy, off-page practices such as link building play an equally important role. After all, in the digital world, you cannot miss any opportunity that is worth being used.

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  2. this is very intelligent, though i have my reservations, after the last core update, i doubt if backlinks are that relevant for website ranking.
    I guess google shifted it’s focus from backlinking to great content. No doubt im not disputing you, in fact im gonna adjust to make sure i follow your instructions, but please write something for us about how to write a very google friendly content.

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