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Microsoft Releases Xbox Family Settings App To Help Parents Restrict Time On Xbox

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The parental controls on the Xbox can also be managed on Android and iOS in the future. Microsoft is launching a new app called “Xbox Family Settings”, which can now be tested as a preview.

With over 20 different parental controls, parents can stay in control and in control of what games their kids are playing, how long they are playing, and who they can communicate with. All of these features should be integrated into the Xbox Family Settings app over time.

What already works:

  • Control and limitation of usage time
  • Content filters so that children can only play the games that are approved for their age.
  • Activity logs
  • Control over social functions that determine whether and with whom multiplayer games can be played and chats started.

If the kids are running out of time, which should happen even in the best families, they can request an extension, which is shown to the parents in the app and which they can approve or reject from there.

Before the app is released to the general public in autumn, Microsoft wants to work on further functions. It can then be set, for example, that new online friendships first have to be approved by a parent.

The preview version for Android can be downloaded directly from the Play Store. If you want to take part in the preview for iOS, you have to apply via TestFlight due to the corresponding regulations from Apple. Experience has shown that the 10,000 places available are quickly booked up.

At the same time, the new Family Safety app from Microsoft is under development. At first glance, this feels doubled, but the Xbox is a small world in itself and the settings are very complex. I wait for my judgment until both apps are finished.

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