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A new Material You dynamic theme added to the desktop app of Google Chrome

Chrome Canary

Google Chrome has not yet changed its theme based on the background wallpaper. Though this option is available for Google Chrome on Android smartphones and tablets. If you are an Android user, all of your google apps modify the color of their UI elements in order to match the home screen wallpaper. This option particularly refers to the dynamic theme feature of Material You. As of now, Google has decided to move further with this feature and introduce it to the latest Chrome Canary version 110.

Linux, ChromeOS, Windows 10/11, and macOS will have the dynamic theme of Material You provided with the latest Chrome Canary v110. The new feature was identified by one of the Redditors. Notable that the theme works differently on a desktop compared to how it works on Android.

Google Chrome doesn’t tie to desktop wallpaper. On the desktop, Google Chrome will pick the dominant color of your desktop wallpaper. It will be inconsistent with the wallpaper set on your Chrome’s new tab page.

To enable this feature, click on the following link chrome://flags/#customize-chrome-color-extraction flag. Your latest desktop feature will get activated.

After enabling the flag, you can change the wallpaper of the new tab. Whenever you change the wallpaper, the theme of Google Chrome will change in accordance with your wallpaper. However, the latest feature is presented with a limitation. The feature will work only if you switch to a wallpaper already available in the collections from Google. If you use another wallpaper or picture, the UI theme won’t change.

However, this is not such a big issue particularly when the focus lies on getting a personalized experience. Just install Google Chrome Canary and enjoy the new Material You dynamic theme. Though, you might have to wait for the update to arrive in the stable version of the browser.

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