An extended 5G cross-licensing contract is signed by Huawei and Ericsson

In order to facilitate the development and deployment of 5G networks, Huawei and Ericsson are collaborating. Reportedly, the two companies have entered into a long-term business partnership. Given this collaboration, the two companies can use one another’s patents. 3GPP, ITU, IEE, and IETF for all major cellular technology standards are part of it.

Well, this is such a great move by the two companies, given their identities in the industry. The challenges presented to Huawei have not restricted its research and innovation. On the other hand, Ericsson is known as the top 5G equipment vendor across the globe. By sharing the patent, the two companies will have the opportunity to introduce innovations in the connectivity industry. Such a partnership seems to help the two companies as well as the end consumer.

Some details about the Huawei and Ericsson partnership

Huawei has shared the details of the partnership via an official statement. This agreement will apply to the respective sales of consumer electronics and network infrastructure by the two businesses. Since both businesses will have access to each other’s patents, this will aid in standardizing the technology that each company releases.

This partnership is a win-win situation for Huawei and Ericsson. Huawei is well-known in the tech industry for its cellular, Wi-Fi, and multimedia codecs. In 2022, Huawei was listed at the top of the European Patent Office’s applicants by filing 4,505 patent applications. On the other hand, Ericsson is a top contributor to 3GPP. It holds 60,000 patents, which makes it a top 5G vendor. The partnership between the two businesses will drastically improve the tech industry.

Both companies are really positive about this collaboration and how it can help other industries, like the health industry and others in the consumer sector. Ericsson is confident that its IPR licensing income will reach $1 billion in 2023. Of course, the partnership will help grow the businesses of both companies. The results will be evident in the upcoming months.

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