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And the winner of the 2022 SEAL Business Sustainability Award is Samsung

Samsung is taking a step further by utilizing sustainable products. These sustainable products are not just used for packing but also for the manufacturing of products. In the past, the efforts of Samsung grabbed the attention of the international community. As of now, Samsung has managed to earn the 2022 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. This award is based on Samsung’s strategy of converting fishing nets into high-performing, recycled materials for Galaxy devices.

The SEAL Business Sustainability Award is organized every year. It is evaluated by a board of environmental and sustainability, social, and governance experts [ESG]. The main objective of this award is to acknowledge the most impactful companies. It is focused on those companies that support sustainability and enthusiastically participate in the betterment of the environment.

EVP and Head of the Mechanical R&D Team of MX Business at Samsung Electronics, Sungsun Park, stated that Samsung is honored to win the 2022 SEAL Sustainable Product Award. It is an acknowledgment of our efforts to improve circular product designs. We are aimed at doing more with less with a special focus on ocean plastic waste.

Among the types of ocean-bound plastic, fishing nets are the most common. They are abandoned in the oceans every year. Samsung took the first step to utilizing fishing nets in the Galaxy S22 series. Later it begins incorporating them into other Galaxy ecosystems. This list comprises Galaxy tablets, Galaxy earbuds, and Galaxy Books.

Through partnerships with various like-minded companies, Samsung was able to design a new material from discarded fishing nets. While maintaining its high-quality standards. ‘Galaxy for the Planet’ is the vision of the company. It emphasizes implementing climate actions across universal business operations. Furthermore, it signifies how Samsung will utilize recycled materials in all its latest products.

Thus, we can say that Innovation is a part of the MX sustainability vision of Samsung. The company plans to utilize recycled plastic in mobile packaging. It is also working to attain zero standby power consumption for smartphone chargers. Eventually deterring all the waste from landfills by 2025.