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For the 12th consecutive year, Samsung Galaxy is the top South Korean brand

The Galaxy smartphones by Samsung are listed among the best smartphones. They have excellent hardware, mind-blowing cameras, and astounding internals. Due to this complete package, Samsung Galaxy devices have made it to the top of the list of South Korea’s 100 brands.

Brandstock is a South Korean brand consulting company. As per its reports, Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy smartphones have maintained the top rank for the 12th consecutive year. The Brandstock Top Index (BSTI) is based on 1,000 points. Out of these 1,000 points, the Samsung Galaxy smartphone scored 937.6 points in 2022 BSTI. Thus, securing the top position.

This is something good news for the company. Since the company recently lost its top position in the international smartphone market. The top rank of Samsung was replaced by Apple in Q4 2022. It is because of less demand and economic downturns in many countries. However, Samsung managed to improve its shipments by 3.9% in contrast to the last quarter. Presently, the shipments stood at 64.2 million units in the worldwide smartphone market. In accordance with shares, Samsung gained 1.4% of the international smartphone market in Q3 2022.

Across the borders, the Galaxy S22 series received pretty good reviews. According to The Korea Economic Daily, the US weekly magazine Times listed the Galaxy S22 Ultra under the category of best inventions of 2022. Whereas Korean Air [national airline carrier] managed it to the 11th position in the list. Hana Tour shifted to the 32nd position in 2022 in contrast to the 40th rank in 2021.

Furthermore, online shopping brands faced strong competition. However, companies like Gmarket, Auction, Coupang, and 11th Street lose their positions. In addition to this, IT-related brands were also affected. Since Naver fell to 4th position from 3rd, Google tumbled from 9th to 10th.

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