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Android 13 Gets Its First Patch Fixes Some Important Problems

In mid-August, Google started distributing Android 13 to its Pixel smartphones. And even though there was an extended beta phase, Google couldn’t prevent some bugs from creeping in. This is now fixed in the first patch. Owners of a Pixel device, i.e. a Google-owned smartphone, have probably received the first update for Android 13 today.

Although this is referred to as a “security update”, it primarily involves bug fixes. These are quite important fixes because battery problems and non-functioning wireless charging are addressed, among other things. It also closes an important security gap for Pixel 6a owners, because, for some owners, the screen lock is also unlocked if you place an unregistered fingerprint on the associated fingerprint scanner.

Google writes in one support post: “All supported Pixel devices running Android 13 will begin receiving these software updates starting today. The rollout will continue in phases over the next week based on carrier and device. Pixel 6a devices will receive the update later this month.” And these are the fixed bugs:

To charge the battery

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in occasionally increased battery drain from certain launcher background activities.
  • Fixed an issue where wireless charging mode could not be activated under certain conditions.d

Biometric data

  • Additional improvements in fingerprint recognition and response under certain conditions.


  • Fixed an issue that occasionally resulted in certain Bluetooth devices or accessories not being able to connect.

User interface

  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused notifications to appear truncated on the lock screen.

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