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Android Auto users report bugs with Wi-Fi connectivity

Drivers of cars that support the Android Auto operating system seem to be dealing with a new connectivity bug as smartphones appear to no longer display the Wi-Fi icon.

When your smartphone is connected to your car via the Android Auto system, this should show the Wi-Fi icon, including the mobile networks you are connected to. However, users recently noticed after several Android Auto updates that: the operating system probably changed the way wireless support works.

Indeed, it seems that the Wi-Fi icon has disappeared from Android Auto, even if your phone is still connected to a network. Some users who connect to Android Auto via mobile hotspots no longer see the Wi-Fi icon, but this problem is not limited to a missing icon, as the connection to the smartphone seems much more unstable than before.

Android Auto no longer works properly over WiFi

According to some drivers who complained about the new version of Android Auto on Reddit, the operating system would stop working when a phone is connected to a hotspot. According to them, when a smartphone is connected to Android Auto, the device can no longer connect to the hotspot. This is therefore a major problem, as the use of Wi-Fi in cars is quite common.

For example, connecting to a wireless hotspot is necessary when using external dongles to use Android Auto wirelessly, such as the recent Motorola Android Auto MA1. Other users also report problems with the network being used, as Android Auto often seems to use a 5 GHz network, while hotspots usually run on 2.4 GHz.

The connection is therefore not always established between the smartphone and the car, as the two use different networks. Anyway, all these issues seem to have cropped up after the recent Android Auto 7.8 update. Google has not yet officially acknowledged the problem. but we hope that the US giant will soon offer another update to solve all the problems.

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