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YouTube Premium will now let you queue videos on your phones and tablets

YouTube’s experience covers a vast number of customers across the web, TVs, OTT systems, smart displays, and mobile. But if you are still missing out on being one of its premium subscribers, you have to jump onto either its mobile app or website. Even in this case, some features will be available to you and some will not. With the latest update, this platform is taking a step further to give you the benefits that are not reachable from your device.

The users who are using the platform through TV or the web have already experienced the feature of queues. but if you’re an Android or iOS user, you might be missing out, or maybe you are just stuck with the playlist. With this update, premium users are now able to set up queues on their mobiles and tablets.

YouTube Premium introduces “Continue watching”

YouTube Premium has been introducing a function called “Continue watching” if your usage has gotten so high that you need to switch devices to complete watching a video. The video you were previously viewing will appear at the bottom of the screen when you access YouTube on your subsequent device. You can pick up where you left off with the video by pressing play on that box. In the previous few years, this capability has been sporadically accessible for users switching between mobile apps and the internet, but up until a few weeks ago, users couldn’t do the opposite.

As for iOS users, it will soon allow them to watch YouTube videos along with FaceTime cohorts through a shared playlist. This improves upon a comparable watch party feature offered through Google Meet that debuted in September last year.

On its corporate blog, YouTube also formally states that it is testing out a high-bitrate 1080p viewing option on iOS right now and will shortly conduct an experiment for web users. An honorable mention goes to smart downloads, which were added from YouTube Music to the main YouTube site last year.

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