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Bing With ChatGPT Was Available For a Short Time

Microsoft is currently working on integrating the AI ​​chatbot ChatGPT into its Bing search engine. Now a first preview version could be called up for a short time. The Redmond company could soon officially release the function.

The AI ​​integration is based on the improved version GPT-4 and has now apparently been accidentally shown to some Bing users. According to his blog entry, Owen Yin had the opportunity to test the new Bing after setting the search engine as the start page in the Edge browser. The function has now been deactivated again.

When entering, users are limited to 1000 characters. For most searches, however, this number should be enough to formulate a detailed question. As an answer, a summary and the corresponding sources from the web are the output. In addition, the tool remembers the context so that queries are possible. The ChatGPT integration is not intended to replace the classic search engine. There is still the option to start the normal Bing search.

Bing also evaluates current data sets

While ChatGPT can only access older data, the Bing version also processes newer information. OpenAI’s chatbot was originally trained with datasets generated up to 2021. Of course, for a web search, it is absolutely necessary to stay up to date.

It is unclear when Microsoft will release the function. It is considered likely that it could be so far in the near future. As soon as the feature is officially available, interested users can register on this page to gain access.

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