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Dashlane is the lead toward a password-less future

Passwords are the only way to keep our data secure and sound. In today’s technological world, everyone has a slew of social media and other accounts that are difficult to secure without a strong password. It’s quite difficult to remember all those passwords; a solution to this is a password manager that could remember all your passwords for you. Despite rising cyber security concerns, it’s difficult to believe that these password managers are secure without two-factor authentication. This authentication could be the most secured way to keep your passwords safe. As a solution to these issues, passkeys are introduced, which can simplify these complex issues while also better securing your credentials. These methods are, however, being adopted by other password managers. The latest application to enter this competition is Dashlane.

As per an announcement from Dashlane, the app will now be available on Android systems and will support logins using passkeys. Passkeys are used as a simple password credential through which you are able to login to your online accounts. This change is being implemented by Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other Bing Tech companies that are working as part of the FIDO Alliance, along with password managers like 1Password.

Dashlane’s web browser already allows you to access your accounts through it. It also provides a facility to manage your credentials. This service is now being extended to provide support for your other devices as well, such as mobile phones and tablets.

Dashlane is planning to roll out this feature by the end of 2023, which would give 1Password a lot of time to catch up with its competitor.

The speed of advancement towards the development of more password managers means we will be able to live without even having passwords quite sooner.

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