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Difference between an ad server that is provided for advertisers and publishers

An ad server is a technology platform for managing and running online advertising campaigns. Although its overall purpose is the same for both advertisers and publishers — to deliver information to the target audience – there are differences between them.

First of all, it is vital to choose adserver correctly. It is a crucial challenge that advertisers face. They need to convey their information to the audience, and they need to ensure that the ads are broadcasted in such a way that they are seen first by interested consumers.

The most characteristic differences

Advertising Server for Advertisers is designed to help them create and manage their online advertising campaigns. Professionals use the sites to set targeting criteria, manage creative assets, track performance and optimize their campaigns based on performance data. An ad server helps ensure their ads are shown to the right audience, at the optimal time and on the right platforms. The effectiveness of the entire campaign depends directly on these metrics. 

The ad server for publishers is designed to help them manage advertising space on their websites or applications. Owners of websites or other sites are also interested in a stable and well-functioning system. They use ad servers to manage existing resources. It allows them to:

  • place advertisements on existing platforms;
  • customize the price (owners can set it themselves);
  • adjust the targeting parameters.

The ad server helps publishers optimize their platforms and maximize revenue by showing the most relevant ads to the audience. It considers audience gender, age, average income, and other socio-demographic indicators.

Thus, while both ad servers share essential functions, their focus and use cases differ. For example, advertisers use available servers to create and manage their campaigns, while site owners (sites, social media pages, blogs) consider them for managing existing resources and optimizing revenue.

How to choose the correct ad server?

Choosing the right site depends on the budget, functionality requirements, types of advertising formats, and the audience you are targeting. To select the most suitable server, you need to:

  1. Research the market and become familiar with the various ad servers that provide services in your country or region. You should learn more about their functionality, terms of use, pricing, and user reviews.
  2. Determine your functionality requirements. For example, whether you need the ability to manage ad campaigns, track statistics, or integrate the server with other platforms.
  3. Determine the ad formats you want to use on your site or app. Sites can offer a variety of formats, such as banners, text ads, and video ads.
  4. Identify the target audience. Based on this, you should determine its interests and choose a server that would be interesting to such people. For example, sports fans – resources with news, statistics, and thematic forums dedicated to teams or competitions.
  5. Compare prices of different ad servers and choose the one that fits your budget.

Take these indicators into account to choose the best site. The growth of your business directly depends on it.

Additional platform selection criteria

Be sure to check whether the ad server has good support, such as online chat, and whether the support team works by phone or e-mail.

The very desire of site representatives to cooperate is also essential. Unfortunately, many popular resources have a sufficient number of advertisers. That is why they do not always make contact or may charge exorbitant prices. The best option is to find a site with an already established audience but interested in cooperation. It is a positive signal if its representatives are active and ready to engage in dialogue.

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